Bait Prices

Bait Prices & Deals

  • Maize 10kg €10
  • Pigeon Conditioner 10kg €15
  • BAIT DEAL Pellet 25kg €45
  • Boillies are rolled here in France by a English bait specialist. These are the feeds that the fish get fed in winter and when there aren’t any anglers fishing. ( The caviar and cranberry is the main bait used here and what is fed to the lake in winter time.)
  • Twisted tuna is a blend of tuna, pure krill extract, predigested, tuna & cray fishmeals along with a milk protein give the bait a good balanced protein base. With  the inclusion of bird foods including  Robin Red along with  tuna extract this bait has been developed to ensure the fishes best health and weights. Available in Cranberry and Black Caviar or Squid and octupus
  • KS1 is a creamy vanilla blend of easily digestable  including including bird foods, brewers yeast, vanilla, Brocacel yeast culture, milk proteins and Kelp.  Developed to ensure fish get an extensive mix of amino acids and vitamins. It is made using the finest ingredients with no fillers to ensure the best nutritional value and growth for the fish.
  • Woody’s Nutz has been developed for a customer demanding a high quality nut bait for his lake. Woody’s Nutz contain peanut, tigernut,  veg proteins, Kelp, Brocacel yeast culture and bird foods. Also has a blend of liquid foods including hydro nut,  tiger extract and wheat hydro
  • Price 12€ per kg only available in 5kg bags.
  • If bringing your own bait, We only allow fresh or frozen, we do not allow shelf life baits to be used.

All partical baits will be prepared for your arrival.