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15th-22nd Sept. Firs Lake

Carl Pryce  said he and his mates had a great time at Firs catching a few, loosing a couple then again catching a few more. One fish in particular they lost was a massive Catfish, but they did battle for … Continue reading

8th – 15th Sept. Willow Lake

Mr Kemps party struggled to get a bite for the first 3 days,but it was a 77lb Cat that broke the ice… then the fishing picked up and they banked a further 12 fish, this was topped with a 35lb … Continue reading

8th -15th Sept. Firs Lake

Mr Carter comment was “Fishing was hard but the beers were cold, Great time had” they still managed 3 Cats to 64lbs and 10 Carp to 31lbs most fish were caught between 1am and 5am. Well done lads !

1st -8th Sept. Willow Lake

Mr Done had a great week banking 1118lbs of fish, this was made up with 17 carp to 50lbs and 17 cats to 80lbs closely followed by another of 78lbs Top angling!

25th -1st Sept. Willow Lake

The Shaw Party said “A great week fishing and good weather, with mostly warm days and only one night where it rained.  There were 4 anglers fishing ; a total 23 fish caught, weighing a combined total weight of 685lb. Main rigs used … Continue reading

25th-1st September Firs Lake

The Stude Party had a hectic week they managed a total of 883lbs of fish this included 19 Carp to 36lbs 13ozs and 13 cats to 64lbs . Top Angling !

18th – 25th august Firs Lake

Steve McInally said he had a great time targeting the cats at Firs using a selection of baits including worms, small roach and boilies his best cat was 68lbs 5 followed by a 63lber and a few others, biggest carp … Continue reading

18th – 25th August Willow lake

Matt Mitchell and his brother had his best week ever at Willow, banking 63 fish in total, this included 44 carp to 50lbs  and 19 Cats to 80lbs made up with 1x 80lbs , 2x 70lbs, 2x 50lbs, 7x 40lbs, … Continue reading

11th – 18th August Willow Lake

Mr McLean said with the weather being so hot the fishing was a bit slow, he fished mornings and evenings up until 11pm, he managed 6 carp to 50lbs and 6 Cats to 70lbs best bait used were  Cell, Link … Continue reading

6th -12th August Willow Lake

Mr Nelson said the had a hot week,  they fished days and nights and managed 26 fish  10 cats to 62lbs and 15 Carp to 40lbs 2 ozs all the fish came during daylight hours