16th – 23rd June Willow Lake

Mr Olliffe, and family said they had an amazing week, the weather was up and down to start, but settled down after a couple of days,  they managed 17 carp to 52lbs, and 11 cats to 42lbs. top angling !!

9th – 16th June Firs Lake

Mr Craigmile arrived in a torrential down pour of rain having had to negotiate various road closures due to flooded roads. They managed 11 carp to 42lbs, and 6 Cats to 43lbs. they said they enjoyed the outdoor table tennis in between bites.

9th -16th June Willow Lake

Mr Applebys party said the weather was hot ! making the fishing hard going, thy did manage 8 cats to 8olbs + it bottomed out on the scales ! also a couple of carp to 28lbs .(takes a good man to get an 80lb cat in,) well done

2nd – 9th June Firs Lake

Simon Gupta on his second visit to Firs fishing days and nights managed 20 Fish mainly Cats as only 4 carp wanted to play, he did loose a couple of big fish too. His partner had fun tiddler bashing in the stock pond.Top bait was Mainline Cell with a few freebiesF66013F3-DB44-4AAC-90BD-FA09006C770C D225156B-7F15-41AE-BEC7-F5FC7E40287E B4B82490-7B75-4531-990B-F3DDCEEE1C4C 7F08C755-C956-4486-936B-5904BE1D99CB 6A743845-6508-49D1-ADAF-55983A297F72 68225A92-5B3F-4E2D-9B7F-D6B04B140E5ED225156B-7F15-41AE-BEC7-F5FC7E40287E and mixed particles. Top Angling Mate !

2nd – 9th June Willow Lake

 The Bonsall Party said they had a great time and and loved every minuteboswell 15boswell 14boswell 12boswell 11boswell 10 of it ! they also caught carp to 49.8lbs and cats to 60lbs.

26th May – 2nd June Willow Lake

The Hopkins party managed 13 carp to 30lbs and 6 Catfish to 33lbs

19th -26th May Willow Lake

The Lynch party said they had a great time banking 21 carp to 40lbs 4 ozs, 1 grass carp of 37lbs. 5ozs and 3 cats to 40lbs, they also lost a few. Top tatic was white pop-ups fished over a bed of mixed particle and sweetcorn. most fish were caught late afternoon or early morning. Top Angling !

12th – 19th May Willow Lake

The Roberts party said the weather was good banking most of there fish in the afternoon or early evening. they caught 5 cats to 66lbs and 10 carp to 42lbs- well done !

6th – 12th May Firs lake

The Goodwin party had a great time at Firs, they managed 18 Carp to 38lbs 5. ozs and included Crackles the Koi at 28lbs 5ozs

21st-28th april Firs Lake

Mr Eastwood fishing mainly evenings and nights managed 8 Carp to 34lbs, and 4 cats to 38lbs, this was made up with 5 x 30lbs + carp and 3 high 20 carp.