28th-July – 4th August Willow Lake

Mr Higgins said he had a great trip apart from the delays at the ferry, the weather was red hot all week . Fishing mornings and evenings they managed 21 carp to 36lbs  and a 60lb cat. Top bait was Scopex and Squid  prepared for the trip by a local friend this was fished snowman style . top angling mate !

21st – 28th July Firs Lake

Mr Mason said they fished days and nights , but most of the fish came during the hours of darkness due to the d ays being very hot. They caught 8 Cats to 60lbs 15ozs  and 4 Carp to 26lbs.  They were also entertained by catching small carp from the stock pond. well done

21st – 28th July Willow Lake

The Bush family had a great week , they caught 51 fish, this was made up with 35 Carp to 48 lbs 15 ozs including 12 thirties and 16 Cats to 66lbs not bad as they only Fished! days!Top Tatic was solid PVA bags filled with pellet and a wafter hookbait. Top Angling!!

14th-21st July Firs Lake

Helen Ridler said they caught 7 Carp  to 34lbs and 5 Cats to 39lbs . Most of the fish were caught during the dark hours

14th-21st July Willow Lake

Mr Lane, Said the weather started hot , but towards the end of the week the days cooled and light rain came in Thursday evening, . The Fishing was good, managing  26 Carp to 52lbs and 8 Cats to 55lbs including 2 other Cats of 50lbs +Well done !






30th – 7th July Firs Lake

Mr Wainwright said despite praying to the carp Gods the carp just didnt want to play, but the cats did, he caught 14 to 58lbs.

30th June -7th July Willow Lake



IMG_0944IMG_20180702_195754IMG_20180705_105912IMG_20180702_195801 (1)Mr Holt, said the weather was quite variable, but overall they said they had a great time. they caught 11 carp including Chloe at 52lbs, a common of 41lbs, another mirror of 42lbs and 3 cats to 42lbs.

23rd – 30th June Willow Lake

Mr Smith arrived at Willow , the weather was high twenties to low thirties most of the week making it tough going, most fish were caught either early morning or late evening, they managed 11 carp to 33lbs and a couple of small Cats.

16th – 23rd June Willow Lake

Mr Olliffe, and family said they had an amazing week, the weather was up and down to start, but settled down after a couple of days,  they managed 17 carp to 52lbs, and 11 cats to 42lbs. top angling !!

9th – 16th June Firs Lake

Mr Craigmile arrived in a torrential down pour of rain having had to negotiate various road closures due to flooded roads. They managed 11 carp to 42lbs, and 6 Cats to 43lbs. they said they enjoyed the outdoor table tennis in between bites.