27th April – 4th May willow Lake

Mr Hodgins fished days and nights but only had one fish during the night, some days were a little slow but they still ended there trip with 18 Carp topped with a stunning Common of 41lbs 10ozs and Cats to 45lbs. These were caught using waffters or pop ups fished over mixed particlesIMG_5954 IMG_6009 IMG_1475 IMG_5896 IMG_1462 IMG_1373

20th-27th April Willow lake

Mr Wainwright struggled a bit but he ended with 4 carp including a cracking common of 40lbs + and Cats to 75lbs

15th-22nd Sept. Firs Lake

Carl Pryce  said he and his mates had a great time at Firs catching a few, loosing a couple then again catching a few more. One fish in particular they lost was a massive Catfish, but they did battle for 2 hours with this 68lb Cat . Top angling lads !!42419068_1867875526628520_6868989716738342912_o 42328715_1867875086628564_6290695880982921216_o 42448879_10217108955502277_7575943180495880192_o 42420451_10210835915928788_3379477351657111552_o

8th – 15th Sept. Willow Lake

Mr Kemps party struggled to get a bite for the first 3 days,but it was a 77lb Cat that broke the ice… then the fishing picked up and they banked a further 12 fish, this was topped with a 35lb mirror and a 45lb Cat. Although they didn’t catch many fish, they said they enjoyed there stay.

8th -15th Sept. Firs Lake

Mr Carter comment was “Fishing was hard but the beers were cold, Great time had” they still managed 3 Cats to 64lbs and 10 Carp to 31lbs most fish were caught between 1am and 5am. Well done lads !

1st -8th Sept. Willow Lake

Mr Done had a great week banking 1118lbs of fish, this was made up with 17 carp to 50lbs and 17 cats to 80lbs closely followed by another of 78lbs Top angling!

25th -1st Sept. Willow Lake

The Shaw Party said “A great week fishing and good weather, with mostly warm days and only one night where it rained.  There were 4 anglers fishing ; a total 23 fish caught, weighing a combined total weight of 685lb. Main rigs used were:

DF rig, with a size 4 curve or krank hook and fished snowman style or back to basics with spam and a bit of yellow foam to help take the weight.

IQ D Rig, with a size 4 curve hook and fished with a wafter.

The spinner rig fished with a popup boilie.

The Main boilies used were our faithful Odyssey XXX, I would recommend a minimum of 5kg’s per angler, but I personally went through 10kg’s as well as 12kg’s of pellets.  Most of the fish come out during the late evening and throughout the night with the daytime being extremely slow.  Friday, (the last day) was the exception to this with all the fish (4 of them) coming out during the day.  These really are great looking fish and have been taken good care of, the catch of the week was not the biggest, but a 27lb grass carp.  It was a great looking and fighting fish, also a rare sight these days.

All swims fished well, although I would say the dam wall swim (about 5 foot out from the edge) and the next one down fished slightly better and would be my first choice.  The far margins baring the damn wall swim is where we mainly fished and this is where they always seem to come out from, we did try in a bit closer and the near margins but nothing really happened.  ”

Top angling !

25th-1st September Firs Lake

The Stude Party had a hectic week they managed a total of 883lbs of fish this included 19 Carp to 36lbs 13ozs and 13 cats to 64lbs . Top Angling !

18th – 25th august Firs Lake

Steve McInally said he had a great time targeting the cats at Firs using a selection of baits including worms, small roach and boilies his best cat was 68lbs 5 followed by a 63lber and a few others, biggest carp was 35lbsSteve Mcinally 68.5

18th – 25th August Willow lake

Matt Mitchell and his brother had his best week ever at Willow, banking 63 fish in total, this included 44 carp to 50lbs  and 19 Cats to 80lbs made up with 1x 80lbs , 2x 70lbs, 2x 50lbs, 7x 40lbs, 17 x 30lbs, and 24x 20lbs. Top angling Mate Matt Mitchell 81lbMatt Mitchell 1 Matt Mitchell 2 matt mitchell 3 matt mitchell 4 Matt mitchell 5 Matt Mitchell 6