21st-28th april Firs Lake

Mr Eastwood fishing mainly evenings and nights managed 8 Carp to 34lbs, and 4 cats to 38lbs, this was made up with 5 x 30lbs + carp and 3 high 20 carp.

28th April – 5th May Willow Lake

James Whites party said they had an amazing time at Willow, during there stay they managed 35 Carp to 50lbs 8ozs this was made up of 1x 50, 13x 30s, 14x 20s and 7 doubles, also 2 Cats . The weather was mild but changeable. Rigs were mainly snowman rig, fished over chopped boilies (mainline, CCMoore and Tails Up,31530944_10216497549456047_8112897359026847744_n31944035_10216497561176340_6596077929858334720_n31949288_10216497558136264_3340733405162635264_n31945483_10216497560896333_8993420587338563584_n31945255_10216497562976385_4750208785421697024_n31956646_10216497552096113_4010694723621617664_n31956692_10216497562936384_4250120926827380736_n31946038_10216497565856457_1517915590721798144_n all fished to the far bank over a clear spot. Top angling !

21st – 28th April Willow Lake

Viv and Paul Shepherd on there second trip to Willow, managed 19 carp to 52lbs, this was made up with 1x 40, 7x 30s, 6x 20s, and 3 doubles and 7 Cats to 44lbs They fished afternoons and evenings. The weather cooled down a bit from the previous week.

14th – 21st april Willow Lake

Gareth Baker and his son said they had a great time although the fishing was tough going as the weather was in the low 30′s they both managed PBs, Gareth catching Chloe at 52lbs, and his son banking a Mirror of 40lbs 1oz . well done!

14th-21st April Firs Lake

Mr Christian had a good week at Firs, dispite the weather going really hot and  just fishing days only, managed 16 Carp including 6 x 30′s, Crackles the Koi at 28lbs, and a few high 20′s. Most fish came between 4pm – 7pm

Cracknig Common from Firs Lake 2017


22nd – 28th October Willow Lake

Mr Terry had a great family holiday here at Willow Lake, fishing days only and sometimes in the fog so he struggled to get on the spots, he banked 13 Carp including 1 x50lbs, 3 x 40s to 43lbs,  4x 30lbs to 39lbs and the rest were mid 20′s. He used Nutcracker bait on a running rig. Top angling !image1image4image3

23rd – 30th Sept. Willow lake

Mr Powell said they had a very tough week as the weather was very changeable  only catching one Catfish all week, then, on the last day as he was packing up his rod tore off and he banked a 56lb Catfish well chuffed !

16th-23rd sept Willow Lake

The Kirk Party said they had a week of high pressure with low temps.at night making the fishing challenging and only catching 4 carp to 37lbs  all week! having said that, he did say they had a fantastic relaxing week which is why we go on holiday….

16th -23rd Sept.2017 Firs lake

Mr Welsh said the weather had been very unsettled making the fishing tough going, he caught 5 carp to 27lbs and a Catfish of 61lbs