26th – 2nd Sept. Firs Lake

Matt Mitchell and family on there second visit to Firs said the first few days were real scorchers with temperatures up in the mid 30′s, then as the week went on the weather changed and it went quite cold dropping to 12Matt Mitchell 2Matt mitchell5matt Mitchell4Matt Mitchell 1Matt Mitchell3Matt mitchell6 degrees at night. Fishing nights only and having days out he winkled out 19 fish, carp to 36lbs, and a Catfish of 59lbs. Top bait was tigers fished over mixed particles. Top angling !

26th – 2nd Sept. Willow Lake

Scott Powley and family said for the first few days the weather was blistering hot with temperatures reaching 34 degrees- nice for sunbathing, not so good for the fishing, Zigs did however produce a few fish. then the weather changed and became overcast with drizzle, and the fishing improved, they ended up with 18 fish, a few thirties a common of 42lbs and 2 catfish to 45lbs a Cell was again the top catcher. Well done lads and lasses

19th-26th August Willow lake

Mr Haswell said he and the family had a fantastic time having the odd day out they still managed 6 catfish to 75lbs (4 were over 50lbs,) and 18 carp to 51lbs with a total weight of 743lbs Well done !!

19th-26th august Firs Lake

Andy Dade has been to willow before thought he would try out Firs, he managed 18 fish including carp to 36lbs 12ozs, cats to 43lbs, “crackles the Koi” @26lbs 4ozs and stumpy @ 15lbs

12th -18th August Firs Lake

Mr Bush said he had a great time at Firs, fishing was mainly done for a couple hours in the morning and a few hours in the evenings with days out during the day. He managed 18 fish including Simon Bush 2 simon Bush1Simon Bush carp to 31lbs 12 ozs, a catfish of 55lbs and stumpy at 13lbs. Top angling Simon !!

12th – 19th August Willow Lake

shaw 23lb FullyKODAK Digital Still Camerashaw 1Mr Shaw said “Weather good, only one day of rain!  Fantastic weeks fishing 3 adults and 1 child, a total 29 fish weighing a combined total of 896lb.  Mainly fished in the day only one person fishing at night . Main rigs used were:

DF  / blowback rig with a size 4 curve or krank hook and fished with odyssey XXX boilie and NS1 white popup to make a snowman.

IQ D Rig with a size 4 curve hook and fished with a cell wafter or NS1 wafter

KD Rig with a size 6 curve hook fished with various baits but usually critically balanced.

Main boilies used were the Odyssey XXX at least 5kg’s a person but I personally went through 10kg’s and 50kg’s of pallets combined.  Most of the fish come out during the daylight hours  and not much activity at night although a few did come out at night across the week, strangely the most popular time was 12:00 – 16:00.  Cannot complain about the fishing as most of us all broke personal records, catches included 51lb Mirror, 80lb Catfish and absolutely stunning 39lb Common.  They are all brilliant and to have the opportunity to catch them all within a couple of acres of water is great and their all in brilliant condition too.  The two middle swims, the rods were fish right out to the back, we did try in a bit closer and out to the side but nothing really happened.  The damn end swim, anywhere along from the sluice gate down about 6 feet out but that top corner was quite productive and the swim at the other end, anywhere along that margin is good.  We did try popup rigs such as the multi rig and chod, but these never seem to work and didn’t again so predominantly stuck to the rigs mention above. Full catch list as below:

Sunday 13th      - 31lb 08oz Mirror,    18lb 10oz Common

Monday 14th –    58lb Cat,  24lb 08oz Common, 34lb 01oz Common , 2lb Jack Pike,30lb 08oz Common ,   39lb 04oz Mirror, 27lb 02oz Cat

Tuesday 15th –    28lb 07oz Common  22lb 07oz Mirror , 80lb Cat,  29lb 07oz Common,                               36lb 06oz Mirror, 29lb 07oz Common, 29lb 12oz Mirror

Wed 16th –          15lb 08oz Mirror, 28lb Mirror, 39lb 09oz Common

Thursday 17th –  27lb Linea Mirror, 49lb 02oz Cat, 17lb Common, 27lb 08oz Mirror,                              29lb 07oz Mirror, 28lb 08oz Mirror, 24lb 15oz Mirror

Friday 18th –       19lb 13oz Common, 52lb 09oz Mirror, 17lb Common”

Top Angling!!




5th-12th August Willow lake

The Dixet party said the had a great week, all beating there PBs with a total of 27 fish including carp to 42lbs 7ozs and Cats to 50lbs all fish caught on Cell boilies. The weather was a bit hit and miss which did affect the fishing as it slowed up when it rained for a couple of days. Well done lads !!

29th July – 5th August Willow Lake

Mr  Nelson and family    arrived at willow all revved up and ready to go, with his fishing buddy , they managed 35 carp up to 48lbs. He said they all had a lovely time and will be back next year.

22nd – 30th July Willow Lake

Peter Hurrell 3Peter Hurrell 6peter hurrell 8Peter hurrell 7Peter Hurrell4Mr Hurrell  said he had a great time at Willow managing to catch a total of 951lbs of fish, this was made up with 27 carp,  1x 52lbs, 2x 40lbs+ 13x 30lbs+ , 11x high doubles or 20′s and 6 Catfish to 40lbs. During his stay, he did manage a couple of days out, and they only fished up to midnight, most fish were caught during the day on Mainline Cell tipped with a tigernut. top angling !

15th – 22nd July Firs Lake

Mr Higgins said he had a lovely stay,while mainly fishing nights and having days out sight seeing, he said he did manage to catch a few.