2nd – 10th August 2019

The Bradley party had a cracker of a week, they managed 29 carp to 47lbs, and Cats to 65lbs, and a massive total weight of 2274|LBS Top angling !!bradley2bradley1bradley4bradley5

27th – 3rd August

Wayne Dunn said,”Quick note to say we had a fantastic time at Willow Lakes last week.  We caught some amazing fish, the biggest carp was 51lb and the biggest Catfish was 67lb.  I’ll send another email with pics on when I get to my laptop tomorrow.  ” awesomedunn2dunn1dunn mate!
In total they had 13 Carp and 19 Cats for a total weight of 1314lbs thats an average of 41lbs!!

20th – 27th July Willow Lake

Mr Peters on his 9th visit to willow said it was very hot 37-40 degrees C so he struggled to get amongst the fish…he did catch 2 carp to 25lbs and 8 Cats to 55lbs on Spam or Halibut  pellets.

13th – 20th July Willow lake

The Craigmile party said they had a great time, banking 14 Mirrors to 38lbs, 4 commons to 32lbs, 1 grass carp of 36lbs and 3 Cats to 31lbs Most fish were caught on Cell Pop ups- well done lads, see you next year!

6th – 13th July Willow Lake

James Greene said he had a great week, struggled for the first couple of days then got on the fish, ended up with 1x 50lbs 7oz mirror, 1x 43lbs 3ozs mirror, 2x mirrors to 39lbs 1oz and 5 twenties to 29lbs 10ozs and 1x catfish of 48lbs 7ozs -well done James!

29th June – 6th July

John and Jane Newby said “they had a wonderful holiday , the accommodation was perfect and the fishing , although slow to start (as expected due to the heat) was amazing, 17 carp to 50lbs 6ozs and 7 cats to 61lbs 8ozs ” glad you had a good time !

22nd – 29th June

The Painter Party had a scorcher of a week with temperatures again reaching mid 40 degrees  which certainly did nothing for the fishing, they had 5 x cats to 52lbs and one Carp of 25lbs

15th -22nd June

Hot week had by the Oliffe party, carp not playing the game… they had 2x 80lb+ Cats the bigger of the two going 84lbs and 7 other smaller ones and 2 carp to 27lbs.

8th -15th June Willow lake

The weather has played real tricks over the past few weeks with the fish not really getting there spawning done in one go,then just when they started they stopped, as temperatures rose then fell, then for a week or ten days the temperatures sored to a massive 45 degrees C ! this did nothing for the fishing….only the cats played ball. The McLean party had 11 cats to 52lbs and 4 Carp to mid thirties.

18th -25th May

Mr Stevens said they had a great time, managed 21 fish, including carp to 51lbs 12ozs and cats to 52lbs… well done lads!