Firs Lake

The Lake

Firs Lake is beautiful; 2½ Acres in size complete with its own island and fed by a small stream running alongside. You are able to access the lake the whole way around, giving you the option of fishing wherever you like. It is set within a mature garden of beautiful plants and trees creating a very tranquil feeling. The whole area is surrounded by established laurel bushes and fir trees, giving you total privacy.

The lake is 5-6ft deep with a gravel bottom; the little stream passes close enough to maintain a controlled water level. We re-stocked this lake in November 2007 using local stock from our reputable fish farmer in Pouance. From this stocking we will be introducing up to 80 fish from 15lb – low 40’s. We have Cats to over 60lbs to control the small spawned fish. From experience at Willow Lake, maintaining and improving growth weights of carp over 40lb is very difficult in a lake of this size, especially with a high stocking density. We feel our guests prefer to have a good weeks fishing, catching fish rather than having a difficult week in the hope that they may catch the world record!  Having said that, sometimes the fishing can be challenging, We added  a further 63 carp to low 40′s on 15th November 2011.

Firs lake is suited to a maximum of 3 anglers each using a 3 rod set-up,

       Lake Rules


  • Maximum of 3 anglers using 3 rods each
  • Please use a minimum of 15lb breaking strain line
  • Barbed or micro barb hooks only
  • No fixed Leads ( Drop off system only)
  • Strictly NO plastic baits
  • Do not leave your rods un-attended
  • A rowing boat is available for your use (at your own risk)
  • Bait boats are allowed
  • No sacking of fish
  • Minimum 42” landing nets 50” recommended if fishing for Catfish
  • Un hooking mats (provided) must be used at all times
  • Please “kneel” when taking photos of fish, do not stand
  • No Fires around the lake
  • No swimming in the lake
  • No rubbish or discarded line to be left around the lake


The Accommodation

The driveway runs alongside the lake, which leads you to the house. This is positioned within 10ft of the lake. The property is south facing so enjoys plenty of sunshine. There is a large patio area facing directly onto the lake and a BBQ area adjacent to the dining room. As you enter the house there is a large cupboard suitable for storing your fishing tackle and opposite a games room with table football and a selection of games, books and puzzles. The dining room is large, with seating for 8 and leads to a galley style kitchen with all the everyday utensils, Gas cooker, microwave, fridge, freezer and washing machine. With access from the kitchen there is a decked patio area leading out to the back garden and children’s swings beyond. Firs Lake now has free wifi
There is a downstairs toilet and comfortable sitting room with a traditional Breton fireplace and French doors leading to the patio and lake. For your enjoyment, other than the fishing! There is Free view sky TV, DVD player and music system. Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms, all with lake views – 1 double, and 2 twin rooms; one of the twin rooms also has a double sofa bed for larger parties. Bed linen is provided,but not for the sofa bed. Towels are not provided. You can enjoy bath or shower in the large well-fitted bathroom. There is also plenty of storage on this level and another toilet.

The property is situated at Ruille le Gravlais 15 minutes from the large town of Laval and the motorway. In the adjoining village of Loiron there is a bar, restaurant, pharmacy and small supermarket. It is also only a 25- minute drive from Willow Lake, for guests requiring more accommodation or to combine a two-week holiday.

With excellent motorway links it is very accessible from ferry ports. 1 hour 30 mins from St Malo, 5 hours from Calais and 4 hours from Caen. The nearest airport is Renne about a 30-minute drive.

How a GPS Can Maximise Your Catches On Your Next Carp Fishing Trip

What’s the difference between a great carp fishing trip to France and a terrible one? The number of fish you end up catching. While some people might enjoy just being out on the water or by a lake, for most people, the entire point of fishing is to catch a fish or two.

When fishing for carp, there are several things you can do to increase your odds of hooking a fish. One option is to fish near waterfowl, such as ducks, as carp tend to trail along where the ducks are. Carp follow ducks because people tend to feed ducks and the fish want in on some of the action.

Another good piece of advice to follow is to take your time and be patient. Carp might tease the bait a bit before they sink into it. If you think a carp is nipping at your bait, wait until it’s chomped down before you start reeling your line in.

A third way you can improve your carp fishing success is by using a handheld GPS device. Even if are staying right on a lake and won’t need help finding a body of water, a GPS system can help you locate carp and remember where the fish tend to hang out in the lake on subsequent fishing days.

Pinpoint Promising Spots on the Lake

When you’re fishing on a big lake, such as Willow Lake, which is 2 acres, or Firs Lake, which is 2.5 acres, it can be difficult to remember where the carp hang out. There’s no easy way to notate where a promising area is in the middle of the lake, unless you have a GPS. With a trusty GPS in your hand, you can drop a pin on the coordinates of a spot where you got a few catches one day. The next day, you can plug in those coordinates again and use the device to navigate your boat to that area.

Is Using a GPS Cheating?

For some people who enjoy carp fishing, using a handheld GPS seems like cheating. You’re giving yourself a shortcut to finding the best spots to fish. But the consensus appears to be a resounding no – a smart carp fisherperson uses all the tools available to him or her.

A handheld GPS device is a tool, just like line and hooks are. If you don’t bring the right bait out on your trip, you’re not going to catch many (if any) fish. If you don’t bring a tool to help you locate the fish, your trip won’t be a success.

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