28th April – 5th May Willow Lake

James Whites party said they had an amazing time at Willow, during there stay they managed 35 Carp to 50lbs 8ozs this was made up of 1x 50, 13x 30s, 14x 20s and 7 doubles, also 2 Cats . The weather was mild but changeable. Rigs were mainly snowman rig, fished over chopped boilies (mainline, CCMoore and Tails Up,31530944_10216497549456047_8112897359026847744_n31944035_10216497561176340_6596077929858334720_n31949288_10216497558136264_3340733405162635264_n31945483_10216497560896333_8993420587338563584_n31945255_10216497562976385_4750208785421697024_n31956646_10216497552096113_4010694723621617664_n31956692_10216497562936384_4250120926827380736_n31946038_10216497565856457_1517915590721798144_n all fished to the far bank over a clear spot. Top angling !

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