25th August – 1st September – Firs Lake

Mr Ruggles said “We had a fantastic week, a real chill. Had a couple of days out exploring. Fished early mornings and in to darkness. ( No night fishing. Too old for the bivvy, likes the bed. ) Top tips. Spread of boilies tipped with tutti-frutti or pineapple fishing either side of island from home bank. ( think best swim is road swim but I like fishing in comfort in the sun. ) The house, lake and grounds are fantastic. Proves decent catches can be made without losing beauty sleep. Thanks for the wine. Really enjoyed the experience.”Mirror 37, 26.8, 30.8, 30.8, 34, 28.8, 26.8. Cats 15, 19.Common 38.4, 32.8.Sturgeon 10 Mirror/Koi 15.4

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