25th -1st Sept. Willow Lake

The Shaw Party said “A great week fishing and good weather, with mostly warm days and only one night where it rained.  There were 4 anglers fishing ; a total 23 fish caught, weighing a combined total weight of 685lb. Main rigs used were:

DF rig, with a size 4 curve or krank hook and fished snowman style or back to basics with spam and a bit of yellow foam to help take the weight.

IQ D Rig, with a size 4 curve hook and fished with a wafter.

The spinner rig fished with a popup boilie.

The Main boilies used were our faithful Odyssey XXX, I would recommend a minimum of 5kg’s per angler, but I personally went through 10kg’s as well as 12kg’s of pellets.  Most of the fish come out during the late evening and throughout the night with the daytime being extremely slow.  Friday, (the last day) was the exception to this with all the fish (4 of them) coming out during the day.  These really are great looking fish and have been taken good care of, the catch of the week was not the biggest, but a 27lb grass carp.  It was a great looking and fighting fish, also a rare sight these days.

All swims fished well, although I would say the dam wall swim (about 5 foot out from the edge) and the next one down fished slightly better and would be my first choice.  The far margins baring the damn wall swim is where we mainly fished and this is where they always seem to come out from, we did try in a bit closer and the near margins but nothing really happened.  ”

Top angling !

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