23rd September – Firs Lake

Brian our baliff managed a quick over nighter and said this “I chanced an over-nighter on Sunday. There was a huge storm all around, and I chose that night to bivvy out !! The rain was that heavy that I swore that I would ignore any beeping sounds that came from outside. You guessed it, midnight and bbeeeepppp. Thank you Hugh for, 1) my P.B. and 2) the biggest Mirror to come out at Firs this year, I think, 38.8, followed closely by a lovely 27 lb’er. I also managed a 15lb cat, and a 29lb Mirror. All the fish came from the right of the island fishing from the house swim using Pineapple boilies tipped with plastic corn over a handfull of boilies and about a kilo of pellet mixed with some sweetcorn. A great 24 hours

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