18th – 25th August – Firs Lake

Mr James said ” Arrived early on Sunday and unfortunately we ran over the Golden Rabbit, which was very upsetting, but we wiped our mouths and got on with it. Had a great time and could not fault the place in anyway. Reading through other guests comments and yes agree to a second wardrobe. Thanks for a lovely week.”

Greg. 38, 37, 28, 32, 26 Carp. 20 Cat.
Kylie 30, 32 Carp. 24, 34, 28, 20, 20, Cats
11th – 18th August Firs Lake Mr Stent caught 12 fish including Carp to 35lbs and Cats to 45lbs 10ozs (new lake record) he said the fishing was hard going but very enjoyable and the rewards were there.

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